Medical Practices

Business as Usual – Specialist IT support for Medical Practices

What does IT support look like for the modern medical practice? At Business As Usual IT, we have a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and how we can support them. We look after the IT needs of general medical practices, along with dental, psychology, chiropractic and other specialist services.

Why choose BAU IT?
  • We’re there when you need us, whether online or visiting onsite.
  • One-stop technology services, including phone, internet and other voice services.
  • We understand and support your business needs.
  • Australian-based help desk and support staff.
  • We can work with your internal IT team.
  • After hours support, because issues can arise at any time and we know that not all businesses are 9-5.
  • Rapid response availability (based on urgency).
  • We stay up to date with medical practice software, meaning our clients can always run the optimal system for them.
  • Experience with software including Medical Director, Health Track, Meditrack and Best Practice, to name a few.