Pbx Services

We need our phones, right? But we don’t need to pay so much for the privilege. And we certainly don’t need the headaches that some phone systems can create.

At BAU IT, our PBX phone system is low-cost, flexible, robust, scaleable and convenient. It’s especially ideal for people who rely on their phones for business.

Our cloud-based PBX system takes advantage of latest 3CX software. What is 3CX? It’s a low-cost, open platform, VoIP technology that works with IP phones and SIP trunks, whether on-site or in the cloud.

You can send and receive calls via an IP network such as the Internet or private WAN, and you can use your handset or “soft phone” technology.

As another bonus, BAU IT charges per line, not per extension, so that’s a big saving.

Talk to BAU IT today about how we can improve your phone system.