Here at BAU IT, our only partner is you – our client.

Why do we take this approach?  It goes back to the days when Ash – the director of BAU IT – was working in a computer shop.But before Ash tells that story, some background:

When it comes to IT providers and third-party relationships,BAU IT believesthat the overriding presence of sales targets/options can skew the sales process. We don’t think it shouldbe a sales process at all … rather, it is a solutions process.

BAU IT is committed to providingthe best technological options to resolve specific issues brought to us by our clients. So, when we suggest a Phone System, Server, PC or Laptop, clients know these recommendations are based on our expertise, tailored to your needs and have all pros and cons explained.

We do not have sales staff. Our staff are all technically trained,which means clients can be confident that our advice:

  • Is always in the client’s best interests;
  • Is backed by technical know-how;
  • Is not linked to third-party relationships.

All of which leads us back to Ash and that computer shop.

“Back in 2001, this shop sold a particular brand of scanner and the Australian distributor was offering salespeople a $50 shopping voucher for every three scanners sold.

“Now, when you look at a $110 scanner and consider the mark-up along the supply chain, it couldn’t have been worth much.But thosescanners sold like hotcakes and the shopping vouchers started flowing.

“It was no surprise that this scanner was being recommended over others, regardless of whether it was in the customer’s best interests. However, the result of that strategy soon became clear thanks to a high product return rate, warranty rejections and customers being blamed for not using the scanner properly. 

“It never sat well with me. I felt that the client should be getting what they need, not what we salespeople were told to sell more of.”

Another instanceinvolved an accounting firm that had problems with what in those days was known as a “white box PC”.

“This meant an unbranded PC that you bought from your local computer shop. It’s not a Dell, HP or Lenovo, but it has the same insides. And this one wasn’t working.

“After troubleshooting for 15 minutes, I worked out that the network card on the motherboard had died. The good news was that we could get a PCI network card for around $20, install it in five minutes and test it – all up about 30 minutes of billable work, plus the part.

“I took this information to the sales team and was told to upsell the client to a new Lenovo Laptop and dock. Why? To help hit our monthly sales target.

“That didn’t sit well with me either. I knew the client needed to be aware of the options – in this case either the choice of a new PC with a new warranty etc; or installing a new network card and repairing the old PC, which was a substantially cheaper option for a small business.

“I approached my director and was told to say that while their data could be recovered, the old machine was completely dead and they should be sold a new desktop, complete with monitors.”

Cynical sales practices like these examples proved a tipping point for Ash. When it came to establishing his own IT business, his mission was always to match professional services with sound principles … and to treat every customer as a partner.

That is the essence of BAU IT, a solutions process in which expertise aligns with integrity, customers receive advice specific to them, and solutions are found without external influences.

You are not just our customer. You are our partner. And the final choice is always yours.